Designing for print – Tip 1

When designing a document many people don’t consider how it will look once printed, only how it looks on the screen. Here at The Print Centre, Cambridge, we are professional printers with an in-house designer and today we want to pass on some our knowledge to help you get the best document possible when you’re designing for print.

In this series of blogs we will provide some basic tips and hints to help you produce a document that will blow your audience away, and help you fulfill your vision and prevent any issue’s for happening during printing!

Tip 1 – Colour Mode

The make up of colours changes depending on whether it is being viewed digital or transmitted into print, to ensure your colours come out correctly you should ensure you’re setting your document up in the correct colour mode. Whilst on screen the colours you see are produced in RGB (Red, Green, Blue), in print they are produced with CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black).  This is due to the fact that prints need to produce black ink, as they print on white paper, and screens produce white by mixing RGB.


By setting up in CMYK colour mode when your open your document, you will be able to produce the colours on screen that you will get by print, if you produce your document in RGB, when it comes to print you may encounter issues with your colours being slightly off, which could become problematic in the long term when your logo or company colour doesn’t match up between your online and print media.

Happy printing and designing!

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