Designing for print – Tip 2

When designing a document many people don’t consider how it will look once printed, only how it looks on the screen. Here at The Print Centre, Cambridge, we are professional printers with an in-house designer and today we want to pass on some our knowledge to help you get the best document possible when you’re designing for print.

In this series of blogs we will provide some basic tips and hints to help you produce a document that will blow your audience away, and help you fulfill your vision and prevent any issue’s for happening during printing!

Tip 2 – Bleed and Marks

When designing a document for a large print run to be outsourced, or designing a full bleed high quality produce it is important for you to have bleed, slug and the correct crop marks. This is important to provide you with a document that meets specification. Many designers add crop marks as an after thought, adding them to the edge of a design making cutting difficult as there is no overlap, meaning they end up with an undersized finished document. If you set up crop marks and bleed from the get go you will have a nice overlap on your document so when it is printed it can be cut to size, and full bleed!

Happy Printing and Designing!